Aria Timepiece

News and Update

~ February 5 2013 ~
Finalizing a deal with Jewelry Brands, will be spearheading their marketing team and daily site management.

~ January 3 2013 ~
In collaboration with an L.A. based Business Consulting firm. Will be teaming up with a local L.A. based watch
and jewerly company, Jewelry Brands.

~ October 10 2012 ~
Picked up more stock (from Beverly Hills), including a gold Patek made for Tiffany Co. Can't wait to review the watch.

~ October 7 2012 ~
Site finally up, though some work still needs to be done, thank you for all the support and help.
Some individual watch pages still need to be uploaded as watches still need to be reviewed (and their photos taken).
Targeting Wednesday, October 17th to have all individual watch pages done. So do come back often as more watches
will be added on a weekly basis.